We know how bad it is for freelancers for follow up on payments. We cannot fix the entire chain, but it all starts with an invoice. Client's accountants will always point out delays because “invoice wasn’t proper”, “your bill didn’t have a date” or “your bill is lost can you send again” etc. After struggling with this for years I decided an online space for creating, editing and managing bills is the best solution. Thus DoBillit was born. Create, manage, edit and send invoices. And remove the first excuse for delaying your hard earned money.
DoBillit is an online e-invoice generator or a GST invoice generator. It’s really simple to use and its functions are simple as well. It’s no more than a Digital Bill Book and doesn’t pretend to be.
DoBillit is one place where all your invoices will be stored and you can retrieve them anytime you want (as long as you continue your account). You can email a pdf of your bill to a client from within DoBillit, or download it and send it from your regular email. You can edit your bills from anywhere in the world just like you edit emails.
DoBillit is simple. And wants to remain that way.